Giancarlo Tosoni | Graphic Designer
Category: Brand Identity, Logo
Year: 2012
Brand identity for a company specializing in offering products and design services tailored for the hospitality, catering, and restaurant industry. The founder’s vision embraces a family-centric approach intertwined with a commitment to business culture and ongoing education. This foundation is vital in shaping the “Innovating Tradition” concept, which forms the core of the entire visual identity. This concept sparked the creation of a custom-made typeface, Bonometti Sans, with a unique slant, distinct from a traditional italic font. This choice precisely highlights a forward-looking perspective while remaining rooted in heritage and the preservation of an intergenerational business culture and approach. The same slant of the font plays a crucial role in implementing the entire identity system, spanning from corporate stationery to catalogs, and from social media templates to website development.
Milan, Italy