Giancarlo Tosoni | Graphic Designer
Category: Naming, Logo, Brand Identity
Year: 2021
Visual identity for a Latin American e-commerce startup specializing in handmade floral compositions featuring succulent plants and cacti. Succulents are well known not just for their beauty but also for their low maintenance, establishing the startup’s selling proposition: to bring the joy, vitality, and well-being of greenery into any home, including those without a natural knack for gardening. This set the brand’s core themes as accessibility, amiability, and closeness, inspiring the logo: a classic smiley face icon with a mouth shaped like a sprouting plant. Similarly, the name, a Spanish play on words between “fantasía” (“fantasy”) and “planta” (“plant”), resonates with this accessible creativity. The project was rounded off with essential elements to implement the identity system across digital assets, packaging, and Information materials for proper plant care.

Milan, Italy